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July Birthstone - Ruby

"The King of Gems"

Ruby derives it's name from the Latin word for red, which is "ruber". This historically famous gem is a part of the Corundum family, which includes Sapphires and Emeralds.

Ruby is associated with the Sun& Leo season, and brings with it all the power, self-confidence, determination and warmth that goes with it.

Rubies vibrate with the frequency of the Base Chakra, lovingly stimulating the flow of life-force energy (Chi) through the body, mind and soul.

All natural Rubies have imperfections within them, which helps to distinguish real from synthetics, and these imperfections can even increase the value of the gem!

(Your 'imperfections' are valuable too)

Rubies, both natural and lab-created, are highly prized crystals for their technological use in areas such as watch-making, medical instruments and lasers for microscopic surgery.

Drop a comment if Ruby is your birthstone!

Andrea xx



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