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August Birthstone - Peridot

PERIDOT (pair-uh-doe)

Peridot is derived from the Arabic word 'faridat', meaning "gem". The presence of Iron is what provides the colour green. It's one of the few gems that form mainly in one colour.

While Emerald was Cleopatra's all time favourite stone, some believe that some of those 'Emeralds' may have been Peridot!

It is a crystal of warmth and well-being as it rejuvenates the wearer physically, mentally and spiritually. This gem relates to the Heart and Solar Chakras.

FUN FACTS: Peridot is one of two gems (Diamond is the other) that are not formed in the Earth's crust, but actually in the molten rock of the upper mantle (under the crust) and brought to the surface from the violent forces of earthquakes and volcanoes. Also, these two gems are the only ones found of the surface of the Moon as well as on Mars!

Are you born in August? Let us know in the comments!

Happy Birthday and Much Love, Andrea xx



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